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Our Products

Our products go through a complete manufacturing process that consists of raw material processing, assembly and welding according to specific drawings, as well as finishing operations. In addition, the majority of the parts used in the manufacture of our products are processed in-house. We cut the parts from steel sheets using plasma and laser technologies, and machine and bend them as required for subsequent assembly. Once the products are assembled, they are welded either with welding robots or manually by our team of qualified welders. Finally, the products go through an industrial painting process and are identified according to our customers' requirements. Nova Steel Products mainly produces two families of products: 

  • Heavy equipment fasteners for the construction industry;
  • Structural products for the construction industry.

Products List

Nova Steel Products offers a wide range of interesting products for the construction industry, from loader buckets and excavator buckets to commercial steel framing structures and much more!

Structural columns
Structural steel columns complement deltabeams in building construction. Columns are used between floors to structure buildings.
The Deltabeam steel structural beam is an innovation in the building construction sector. These beams optimize the use of available building space, and can be combined with wood or hollow-core slabs.
Excavator buckets
Excavator buckets are a common sight on construction sites of all kinds. For Nova Steel Products, the excavator bucket is a product that represents great opportunities, with demand growing rapidly.
Loader buckets
Loader buckets are one of the products manufactured by our plant, and the majority of the parts required to make them are produced in-house. This type of product presents interesting challenges for welders, such as the variety of welding passes required.