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Steel is an essential material used in a variety of industries, including construction, automotive, and manufacturing.

About Us

Nova Steel Products process and assemble steel products, including fasteners for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the construction equipment industry, as well as structural products in the building construction industry. Our team manufactures all of our products to the specifications and tolerances of our OEM customers while continually challenging ourselves to improve.

What We Offer

We contribute to the development of the industries in which our clients operate. Here are some key sectors in which we are active:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Construction industry

Certificates and Partners

Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture, in partnership with our customers, quality products that meet their specifications and needs. All this, by relying on the ingenuity of our employees!


We develop partnerships with our customers and suppliers, fostering long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


Our team's ability to realize our customers' visions and challenges relies on innovative processes and the use of cutting-edge equipment.


We are proudly procuring North American steel, reducing the use of fossil fuels wherever we can. Our locations have all taken on the challenge to reduce our carbon footprint per ton produced, and have invested in LED lighting and Automated Ventilation Control Systems, reducing our use of electricity and energy.